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Extreme Free-Motion Quilter, Award winning Artist

Extreme Free-Motion Quilter, Award winning Artist

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Lots of interest in my latest work so made a quick video about the process. Cheers. ...


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Beautiful painting of a beautiful girl!

Beautiful!Love it! Sorry for the sad news

Love your work Helen.

I love try you have done sign up

Love HG eye candy! I have been perusing your online classes for the technique. Are they in a sequence? Which one to begin? Prerequisites for one versus another? See just when you answer one question.....thank you for all you do!

Beautiful 😍

Oh, Helen!!! It’s beautiful!!!

Simply sublime 💖💖💖

Fantastic Helen

Unbelievably wonderful. Thanks

Gorgeous work as always Helen 😍 You mentioned that you used an app to adapt the photo? May I ask the name please? xx

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