Online classes & Block of the Month

Since 2015, I have been creating online classes & Block of the Months for quilters around the world. The beauty of an online class is the elements of distance, cost and timing are all eliminated. No matter where you live or the time zone you are in, you can save your expensive travel and learn from me in your own home, with unlimited access to instructional videos on painting and quilting. You can ask questions in the ground interact with others AND rewatch the content as often as you wish for ever!.

 A twist on the traditional Block of the Month, I designed the world’s first ever Painted and Free-Motion Quilted BOM which uses Facebook as an interactive online classroom. I have now created 7 BOMs and the collection grows every year. Once you join a BOM you have endless access to the instructional video and can rewatch as often as you wish. No postage charge or waiting for patterns to arrive in the mail, all the designs are ready to download from within the Facebook online group. 

Midnight Magic BOM

So how does it work? 

Once you have paid the once only joining fee for a BOM, you will have unlimited access to a private Facebook group – which acts as our online classroom. In this group, you will have access to engaging instructional videos that take you step by step through the painting and quilting process. Here, you will also access the printable patterns, the design, colour chart and quilting chart for each block in the quilt – as well as the fabric and paint requirements. As your teacher, Helen will be there to answer questions and words of wisdom and generally ‘hold your hand’ throughout the process. The beauty of the Facebook classroom, is the opportunity to interact with other members from all over the world, post photos of your progress and feel supported the whole way through.

At the beginning of each month, the instructional videos, designs, and printable and published in the private Facebook group. You can work at your own pace if you fall behind and you will have unlimited access to the content, forever. Each year, the class officially starts on February 1st, however you can join in at anytime. Even after the BOM is finished for the year, you can join in and access the full-class content with the support of experienced BOM members.

Even the most traditional quilters have loved learning in this new online style of interactive classroom. Many have found painting as a fun alternative to appliqué, and that it is actually very easy to achieve beautiful results. By watching the step-by-step instructional videos for each and every block, students gain confidence in their quilting and are able to finish other projects with a wider range of fills and favourite designs. Whether you are on a domestic or a long-arm machine you can quilt one block at a time as the block sizes are realistic and achievable.

There are now 7 Block of the Months available, each year adding a new challenge.

Quirky Collections BOM: Easy – achievable for ALL

Feathered Friends BOM: Medium – learning a few more tricks

Curiouser & Curiouser BOM: Challenge – pushing your skills

Midnight Magic BOM: Challenge – for previous students craving more!

Great Barrier Reef Mandala: Medium – learning to create a Mandala

Frida Kahlo BOM: Challenge – Huge size and loads of detail

Lazy Cat Quilt Shop BOM: Easy – small size and achievable by all skill levels. 

When a BOM is completed for the year, each classroom is still open to new members to join in the fun. The difference is that you won’t have to wait for each and every month to roll around. Instead, you can jump in, binge watch all the videos or work at your own pace to create the complete quilt.

Quirky Collections BOM

Quirky Collections BOM is perfect if you want to “give it a go” at the easiest level. In this group we are collectively referred to as “Quirkers” and everyone is very patient, helpful and encouraging. I am there in the group the whole time to hold your hand and help you along the way.

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Feathered Friends BOM

Feathered Friends BOM is by far the most popular and is all about painting and quilting colourful Australian birds. We call ourselves the “Flockers”. The designs in this BOM are by no means ‘harder” – just a little more attention to detail. Some of my BOM students have gone on to win awards for their finished work, having never won a prize before at their local, state or even National quilt show. We love to celebrate ALL achievements in the interactive Facebook group as we build our creative confidence together.

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Curiouser & Curiouser BOM

Curiouser & Curiouser BOM is inspired by the characters of Alice in Wonderland. In this class, our “WonderWoman” have had amazing results and are always ready to answer questions and assist anyone who jumps down the rabbit hole looking for Wonderland! It has been an exciting year to see students completing the project in both paint and their own technique of appliqué. As a teacher, it is wonderful to see their confidence grow.

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Midnight Magic BOM

Now in 2020, Midnight Magic BOM depicts the mischievous forest creatures that frolic and play in the moonlight. This BOM has been created for those of you who have played in my online BOMs before and are ready for a new challenge! Anyone is welcome to join, however some knowledge from my previous BOM is presumed. So if you’re a “Quirker”, “Flocker” or “WonderWoman – Midnight Magic is the class for you.

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