Online class testimonial

My online class has been up and running for 6 weeks now and over 100 students have plunged into it. Sandy Archer was one of the first to participate and she has shared her finished piece, Lizard and has given feedback for all to read. Thanks so much Sandy.
"Flying into colours online course was perfect. I live in a small community with 6 kids at home so as you can imagine, I have a busy life and not really the opportunity at this point to head off to a weekend craft retreats.
My 5yr old daughter and myself sat at the computer watching the lessons, sharing an ear piece each of the headphones (good quality time)
I found the course very informative ..easy to understand step by step, clear instructions and was great watching as others attempted their own little masterpiece 
The photo gallery was great ..every time I hit a creative block I could look over it and get ideas and inspiration.
The course was explained clear and simple enough that little miss 5 sat with me and instructed me as to what we do next.
Thank you Helen for sharing your talents in a format that people like myself can access and achieve fantastic results from the comfort of our homes and busy lifestyle."

So if you would like to have fun and learn like Sandy and her daughter, go to and purchase Flying Into Colours online class today. Here is a sneak peak video on YouTube


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